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Self Defense Classes Coming to Evolve!

We’re so excited to be offering Self Defense classes on Sundays, beginning November 14th, from 1:00-5:00!

Details from instructor James Jankiewicz:

Inner Athlete Training Self Protection Interactive Program

Basic Description

The curriculum for this program is a 4 hour presentation involving mild physical participation, and include lectures on the many aspects of dealing with a violent altercation. The program does not focus so much on prevention as its scope is to deal with what happens when all preventative methods have failed, and you are faced with no other choice than to physically confront an aggressor. The program also deals with breathing patterns that assist in keeping the body calm during stressful situations involving conflict.


This workshop does not involve padding up or the striking of immovable surfaces such as heavy bags. Instead, in a non-competitive way, the participants use each other’s bodies to learn and identify vital and vulnerable components of human anatomy.


The lectures deal with in depth discussions on the nature of social violence and its counterpart, asocial criminal violence. We focus on what the difference is between the two, and how to identify each. Lectures also deal with fear, perception, and breathing during times of conflict.


The history of this approach has its roots in military applications beginning during the Second World War by Intelligence agents Applegate and Fairbaines. The principles and study evolved throughout American special operations units over the decades as an effort to improve close quarter hand to hand applications. It was important that the information they sent the soldiers out in the field with did not require great skill, speed, or strength as those advantages quickly dissolve under the physical and mental stress of warfare. The result was a body of knowledge on how human anatomy responds to blunt trauma as opposed to a series of techniques. This knowledge base is easily learned and can be used by any body type, in any circumstance.


James has spent many decades studying a wide array of martial arts and military hand to hand combat styles of fighting. His traditional studies include Aikido, Tae Kwon Do, Kung Fu, Karate, grappling arts and Jujitsu. James’s close quarter hand to hand combat studies include Systema, a Soviet based Special Forces system, Krav Maga, an Israeli military fighting system, and TFT, (Target Focus Training) a system stemming from the American Special Forces community. James is a former Licensed CDT Master Tactical Instructor, and currently teaches self defense programs for fortune 500 corporations. James is also a Certified Personal Trainer NSCA CSCS, holds an undergraduate degree in Nutrition / Dietetics, and also holds a Masters degree in Exercise Science and Health promotion. He also currently teaches history and science at the Parisi Prep Academy. James is the founder of Inner Athlete Training, an online educational platform in all things health related with an emphasis on the history of physical culture and the history of both allopathic and naturopathic medicine. James is also a 30 plus year practitioner of meditation.

Some comments and testimonials from James’s previous classes:

“The simplicity of the material and the background information and theory that James Jankiewicz was able to provide. It is very clear that he is a subject matter expert.”

“The focus was on broader themes as opposed to specific combination of moves, which are easier to remember and likelier to be relevant. I would not have thought to orient a course that way, but it was clearly the correct way to teach this material.”

“I was so impressed by James' delivery of material that required folks to step out of their comfort zone, get into each others’ physical space, and think like an attacker. These are big leaps for the average person, yet James got us there naturally and gracefully. The intellectual explanation followed by the practical application of each set of moves was the perfect pairing. I marveled as I looked at our group literally transformed to the point where we were quietly sparring with one another, target point after target point. As a woman who often finds herself traveling on her own, this is always something I’ve wanted to learn and I am so grateful for this knowledge. Thank you James!”

“The approaches to a new mindset in fighting was very helpful, as was some of the techniques to evade certain situations.”

“James showed the importance of knowing how to fight off the attacker. The specifics on sensitivity of different body parts was great.”

“It would be great to have these seminars regularly - there is so much material to be covered and so much of it is so new that any refresher and/or chance to practice would be highly additive.”

“James arms his students with the practical skills they need to defend themselves and offers a safe environment in which to hone those newly learned techniques. The content was easy to understand and apply, and the course gave me the confidence and belief that I could overcome a hostile situation. I would highly recommend this course to others.”

“4 weeks was great, I would have even liked the course to be longer.”

“The program taught many practical tips and techniques, which I believe was its most valuable aspect.”

“ I found the skills taught and insight most valuable.”

Course details:

Fee for the four hour course is $65.00 per person

Please pay by check or cash.

Please confirm by emailing Feel free to reach out with any questions or concerns you may have.

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