3 Easy Weight Loss Tips

Nutrition - April 3, 2024

Weight loss is one of those hurdles that people just can’t seem to get over. Over the years I’ve heard multiple people tell me that no matter what they did they just couldn’t get to their desired weight. Every time I ask those individuals what they’ve been doing they tell me that they’re good most days, but not the others. To me, it always seems there one or two days in most people’s lives (almost always the weekends) that ruin their calorie balance and tip them over to the “excess calories per week” category.

Weight loss, at it’s core is a calorie balance equation. When simplified the question is, “Are you in a calorie deficit?” If the answer is no then it’s a case of controlling binges and curbing your hungry during those tough times. Therefore, I’ve decided to give you three quick to implement tips that will help boost your weight loss and keep you in a deficit.

1.  Drink water late at night (10-12oz). I find that most times when I cut weight for my sport (Olympic style weightlifting) I have intense hunger at around 8-10pm. In order to not mess up in calorie balance in times like that I make sure to always have water next to me.

2.  Pick your favorite nut or healthy snack and mix it with dark chocolate chips (2 tbs). The mix of healthy fats from your nuts and the low carb option of chocolate chips (16g of carbs &160cal per 2 tbs) should keep you full while getting you a healthy dose of omega-3 fatty acids. I find that after snacking on a mix of almonds and dark chocolate chips I am satiated for 2-3 hours.  

3.  On the days you have a hard workout, eat the bulk of your daily carbs and protein immediately after that training session. Having a large meal after training will help with boosting your metabolism, help you recover faster and restock your muscles with glycogen (their preferred fuel source).

(Written by Coach Khalil Harrison)

Image Source: Personal Trainer Pioneer (https://www.ptpioneer.com/)

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