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Are You Training TOO Much?

Overtraining is indeed a real thing. 

Overtraining is when there’s an imbalance between training and recovery, which leads to a decrease in performance. 

Here’s 4 questions to ask yourself, if you feel like you might be overtraining:

How is your sleep? Are you constantly finding it hard to fall asleep, or stay asleep the whole night? How are your energy levels? Are you suddenly not as energetic as you previously were?- Are your muscle and joint aches worse than usual? Simply put, do you feel more “sore” after your workouts? How is your strength? Do you see a decrease in strength? Can you not perform exercises the same?

If you answered the questions truthfully, and feel like you might be overtraining, try to reduce your workload for a week (Volume, Weight, etc.) This is called “Deloading”. This will help with injury prevention, and helps get the body back to how it was performing previously.

Let us know what you think!

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