Listen To Your Body and Stop Searching For The "Perfect Diet"

Nutrition - April 3, 2024

Throughout your adventure with nutrition, you’ll come across various different diet recommendations from a wide range of sources. Whether its from a trainer, a friend, or even online, the world offers a plethora of different diet options. The question is, is there actually a “perfect diet”?

The answer is no. There are several reasons why there’s no such thing as a perfect diet.

Body Types: No one body is the same. With that being said, someone who weighs more than another person, might not react the same to one diet as the other person. Whether its lower carbs, lower fats, no red meats, etc. you need to find what works for YOUR body type

Fitness Level: Your fitness level is imperative to what kind of diet  you choose. Somebody, for example, who has been lifting for years isn’t going to have the same diet as someone who just started any sort of lifting/exercise. Keep this is mind if you are just starting your fitness journey.

Age: This is a big one as well. Simply put, someone, for example, who is in high school starting to introduce fitness into their lifestyle, isn’t going to have the same diet as   someone in their forties who’s been exercising for twenty years. Metabolisms are different, and the overall process of digestion with select foods alter as we age.

These are just three of MANY reasons why there’s no such thing as a “Perfect Diet”. There’s several variables that add to what diet will work for you. Through trial and error you will find YOUR perfect diet!

(Written by Coach Mike Koprowski)

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