Live from New Zealand, It's Our Latest Virtual Testimonial!

Fitness - April 3, 2024

"If there has been one benefit of this pandemic in my personal life, it's been Zoom sessions with Evolve Training all the way from New Zealand!"

I am in the best shape I've been in since I moved to Aotearoa , but more so I'm back to feeling motivated about taking care of my body and building strength. (I'm not one to take fitness pics, but you can even see the 10 week progress in my face.)" - Morgan R.

We were honored to have Morgan start training with us all the way in New Zealand when we started offering virtual training. She has a relative who we train from Franklin Lakes and it has been amazing to see Morgan's enthusiasm for training increase, as well as her progress since the start of COVID. Every week I comment about how I can see the differences she's making.

Virtual training has been such a great success so far! If we can help you improve your health and fitness at home, please read more about it here and contact us!

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