Mastering The Mundane

Fitness - April 15, 2024

Goals- everyone has them.

Some people want to make their first million dollars, purchase a home, play a collegiate sport, get that lead role or even lose 20lbs. Sure, all of those goals are different, but the one thing they have in common is that they all require hard work and dedication. Hard work is probably the easiest part of achieving an objective- anyone can wake up and work on their craft over and over again. However, what’s going to set them apart from others is the ability to master everyday mundane tasks. Mundane tasks are usually the most overlooked aspect of success. If you’re an athlete it’s eating right, getting 8-9.5 hours of sleep daily, staying hydrated and refraining from alcohol. If your objectives are more materialistic, it’s the constant reading, networking and attention to minute details that are going to make the difference. Success is all about setting yourself apart from the rest and going above and beyond what is minimally required.

I’ll be honest; the consistency it takes day in and day out to not only work hard, but to go about the same routine can be boring. It’s going to lead to less time with friends, having your face in a book during a lot of your free time and eating the same meals almost every day. It’s going to be hard to master the mundane. In order to do so I suggest mastering one mundane task a week. Get that one task in and then the next week master another and before you know it you’ll be closer to your goals.

The road to success isn’t easy, but I promise it’s worth it!

(Written by Coach Khalil Harrison)

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