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Starting Your Day During COVID-19

As with most people, I’m technically out of work and find myself with a lot of free time on my hands. As the saying goes, “Idle hands are the Devil’s plaything” so I try my best to keep my hands and mind busy. I know, it’s hard to wake up with a mindset of productivity when the remote and Netflix are at arm’s length and you don’t have to be at work- I’m right there with you. So here are 3 things you can do as soon as you wake up to get your mind focused on “action” and not “stagnation.”

1. Go for a walk- Put in some air pods, grab your dog and start your morning with some exercise. Personally, I like to listen to podcasts during my walks or outdoor escapades, and so with those playing, my dog by my side and the Earth beneath my feet it can be sort of meditative. In that mindset ideas flow, endorphins are released and you’re burning calories. Not only that, but exercise is scientifically proven to boost your immune system.

2. Create a “To-do List”- Throughout my day I’m constantly setting reminders of things I have to do for the next day. Anybody who knows me knows that I’m frequently talking to Siri to remind me about grabbing groceries or finishing a school assignment. I’m not saying you have to talk to your phone 24/7, but what I am suggesting is that you keep your days structured. Before this complete overhaul of everyday life I’m 99% sure you had a list of places you had to be and things you had to do. Just because you’re at home doesn’t mean you can’t keep that same structure in your day. Write down things you need to do, want to do, or have been delaying and set blocks of time to start doing those things.

3. Read a Book- Reading is one of those things that I feel people don’t do enough of. I’m guilty of it too. I’m usually running sessions with clients and athletes, doing school work or training myself. I barely have time to eat, let alone read. Now that I have more time, I find myself doing more of it whether it be a physical book or an audiobook. Just like going for a walk, reading a book is one of those things that puts you in a meditative state. Reading relieves stress, keeps you in the moment and keeps your mind away from the crazy that is our world today.

I personally have found those 3 things to be most effective in keeping me in a productive mindset. Right after doing one of the aforementioned I find myself cleaning, doing laundry, working on school work and having an overall good day. I hope these work for you!

Coach Khalil Harrison

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