The Best Way to Look (And Feel) Your Best

Fitness - April 3, 2024

We hear a very common goal when new clients come through our doors: I want to LOOK better!

You want to be thinner. You want to be less “flabby.” You want to look like you did 5 or 10 or 20 years ago. We get it. Most people do. They just go about it in a less effective way.

All of what I am about to say is based on a lot of reading over 10+ years but most importantly, on results I have seen with our clients over my almost 10 years as a trainer.

The number one component missing when someone wants to look better is STRENGTH.

You most likely have spent hours on an elliptical or a bike in your basement, but you aren’t any stronger than you were 10 years ago. Before you get concerned with becoming bulky, remember this: it is EXTREMELY difficult to do, and unless you have freakish genetics, requires intense strength training and very specific diets. If you get stronger, you aren’t going to get scary looking, I can promise you that.

So how do you get stronger? First of all, you have to learn basic form for compound, or multi-joint, movements. Think of exercises like squats, push-ups, or pull-ups. These might sound scary, but we have clients in their 80s regularly performing variations of these exercises. It is the base of all of our clients programs.

Once we assess you and decide on where you will start, you must make progress. If you have healthy joints and can learn proper technique, but you can only squat 15lbs 10 times before you feel like you’re going to fall over, we have to raise that weight, and your comfort, up over time. Fifteen needs to become 20, 30, 40, and so on.

But this is done with a carefully planned, methodical pace. If you progress too quickly, you may get injured. If you progress too slowly, you will not achieve the desired results. And if you just do cardio, you’ll continue to look pretty similar.

Strength is the key to the game. But it’s challenging and takes patience, so it’s not always the answer that sounds appealing at first. But as you go from being able to do a push-up on the back of the couch and work your way to the floor, or Deadlift 100lbs off the floor, you will notice your body change for the best.

You will look better, feel better, and be healthier, once and for all. You will achieve that elusive goal.

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(Blog post by Owner/Personal Trainer Cory Cannici)

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