The Simplest Way to Actually Lose Weight... EVER

Fitness - April 3, 2024

Losing weight is just so. Damn. Hard. Right?

The truth is, weight loss, boiled down, is just an equation.

There’s a hand-full of factors that go into weight loss, the largest of which is your own thoughts, feelings, and emotions surrounding food. I’m not a psychologist or even a nutritionist, but as a trainer since 2011, I’ve seen all kinds of people succeed and fail in their weight loss journey.

*(Before I continue, these suggestions are general. If you have any health concerns at all, please see your doctor, a registered dietician, or even a professional nutritionist.)

I’ve seen people have wild success losing weight in two ways. One is more drastic: the ketogenic diet, which is essentially the elimination of carbohydrates and the heavy consumption of meat and protein. That can be easy for some, but restrictive for others, so I won’t suggest that in a general way.

The other is sustainable and can set ANYONE up for long term success. The equation below will absolutely help you lose weight. However, it may take some tracking and discipline initially. I find after just ONE WEEK, you’ll start to fall into new, healthy habits and start to see and feel changes.

The Equation

Body weight x 11 = Total Number of Daily Calories.

Take your current body weight and multiply it by 11. So if you weigh 150 pounds, your daily caloric intake would be 1,650 calories.

Body weight x 0.8 = Total Number of Grams of Protein.

Take that same body weight number and multiply it by 0.8. Again, 150 pounds gets you to around 120 grams of protein per day. This is probably a good amount more than you currently eat. Protein includes things like beef, chicken, eggs, fish, greek yogurt, and so on. There are also trace amounts in other foods, but that shouldn’t be the concentration of your protein intake.

If your total caloric intake is 1,650, and your protein intake is 480 (4 calories per gram of protein x 120), then you have 1,170 additional calories you can eat each day.

The Setup

How the heck are you supposed to know how many calories you’re eating in a day?

Track it for 3-5 days on an app such as MyFitnessPal.

*(Again, if you’ve ever had any obsessive issues with food tracking, please consult a professional before starting this.)

On a calorie tracking app, you can simply enter the foods you’re eating and get a pretty accurate idea of how many calories you’re consuming as well as how many grams of protein.

To measure out your protein in a simple way, keep this in mind: A palm is typically around 3 oz, and a larger hand/palm might be 4 oz. Don’t obsess about this and simply make an educated guess on your portion size.

It is great, initially to learn portion sizes, to also use measuring cups for any side items like rice, pasta, beans, etc. Don’t forget to include things like cooking oil in your tracker: a tablespoon of healthy olive oil contains 120 calories and can add up QUICK.

Once you have a list of meals that you can save in your app and know the calories, protein, and portion size, try to eat these meals as often as possible.

Adjusting Your Equation

If you’re confident you’ve been eating the appropriate number of calories and protein per day, but after two weeks, you haven’t lost an ounce, try to cut your calories back by 100. Keep your protein the same.

If you ARE losing weight, don’t forget to adjust your calories after every 5 pounds lost. So if, from our 150 pound example above, your goal is to weigh 135 pounds, you’ll have to rework the math at 145 and 140 pounds. Your new calorie numbers would be 1,595 and 1,540, respectively.

The Facts

If you’re reading this, the fact is you’ve struggled with weight loss. You NEED to do something different to not only lose the stubborn fat, but keep it off in a sustainable way.

If a year from now, you were at your goal weight, looking and feeling your best, having only spent a week or so learning how to be aware of the amount of food you eat, would you take that deal? From all the people I’ve seen lose weight, the answer is always yes.

Only you can make these changes. If you need someone to hold your hand through the process, explain portions, calories, or a workout plan in a simpler way, we are always happy to help! Contact us at to learn how we can help you get in the best shape of your life in a healthy way.

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