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Hello, I’m CJ Veri

Personal Trainer

CJ has been in the fitness community since he was a toddler: his father owned a private personal training facility in Lodi, NJ and always watched his dad train clients. He developed a love for the environment and the engagement with people while helping them transform their lives.

Out of high school, CJ was on the heavier side and decided to really dial in on making his life better by practicing his physical fitness consistently but most importantly working on his mental fitness. CJ is a big advocate that not only do you need to train your body but most importantly train your mind to be positive towards yourself all the time. Using these holistic remedies, CJ was able to transform his life and continuously does with this training. With this experience, CJ wanted to spread his knowledge to help others. CJ obtained his NASM certification as a freshman in college and has consistently been training and assisting his clients on transforming their lives ever since.

Certifications & Education:

National Academy of Sports Medicine - Certified Personal Trainer


NASM - Group Fitness

B.S., Marketing - Montclair State University

CJ Veri

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